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Rock Retaining Walls – Stone Features

Rock Retaining Walls and stone features used in landscaping are what we specialise in. We offer a landscaping design and construction service using locally sourced natural stone. The Northern Rivers area of NSW through to the Gold Coast of QLD is our service area. From early planning through to the completed project we will work closely with the client to achieve the desired result. Our aim is to give the highest standard of workmanship in every job we do. This is achieved by hand selecting all rock and stone to create a unique feature for your property. Another service we can offer is mini excavator and tipper hire.

Customer satisfaction is a priority to us. Word of mouth referrals is an essential part of our marketing so you can be assured that 100% will be given to every job that we do! “When your building a retaining wall do it right do it once! Our rock retaining walls are built to last”

Stone Masonry used in Landscaping

The use of stone masonry in landscaping has been used over many years with great success. Some examples of stone features in construction are:
rock retaining walls – stone feature walls – fences – letter boxes – stairs – water features – wood fired pizza ovens – garden edging – flagging – exterior veneers – fireplaces – interior veneers – entrance ways – pillars – wine cellars…….and just about anything else you can think of.

Benefits of Choosing Stone

Choosing to build with natural locally sourced sandstone or bush rock over other materials has many benefits:
* Greater strength and durability (stone and rock has been around for thousands of years withstanding the test of time)
* Eye Catching Visual Appeal (creates a focal point and will leave a lasting impression and just keeps getting better with age)
* Extra Added Property Value (the added value to your property will be greater than the cost of the work making it a great investment)
* NO Replacement Years Later! BUILT to LAST!!

Stone Selection

Bush Rock

Bush Rock is in abundance in the area we service making it a popular choice to use. It gets mossy in the right conditions ( wet and shady areas ) making it a very appealing stone to build a feature point on any property, because of this bush rock is an excellent choice for water features. Bush rock is generally darker than sandstone and comes in some very interesting textures and shapes. A feature out of bush rock can be greatly enhanced just by having a few plants and gardens around them. We also supply large bush rock for random placement in gardens which can give some added dimension to the overall appearance.


Sandstone has a wide range of tones, colours and interesting qualities that make it really stand out and grab your attention. It can be used in tight areas to make the area appear larger because of there lighter tones. Another good feature of sandstone is that it is course and porous giving it good gripping properties making it a good choice to use as steps and flagstone paving. Being able to mix up the colours or keep to one colour gives you more options to create something a bit unique. The combination of timber and stone go very well together and compliment each other as illustrated in the photo above.

Alpine Stone

Alpine Stone is a new product line we have started to offer, it is a veneer stone for attaching to existing or new walls as it is only 20-50mm thick it is a good choice for when weight and space is an issue. A timber stud wall veneered in Alpine Stone is a lot lighter than a solid stone wall which can be an issue if you are installing a fireplace on a bearer and joist floor.

Consider Lighting 

By adding lighting to your stone work can create a feature after the sun has gone down and can give a relaxing vibe to the surrounding area. With a little bit of thought and planning prior to construction provisions for lights can be installed during the building process, even if you dont plan on putting lights in straight away having that option for later makes sense.


visual impact


“We are extremely happy with the work Dave has completed at our house. Dave is meticulous in his work and the finished product enhances and adds value to our investment. We appreciate Dave’s expertise, reliability and professionalism and would highly recommend builtwithstone to anyone”.

Brett and Jakki Ulrick

Lennox Head

“Our retaining wall and entrance has created a warm and sophisticated finish to our home. Dave’s eye for detail is reflected in the completed project, with the colour and style of the stone integrating beautifully with our home and environment”.

Michael and Kirsten Jackson


“We had our pool area and gardens completed by David from builtwithstone. Builtwithstone was prompt with there quote, their service was delivered respectfully, artfully and exactly to the price and time quoted. We are very happy with the beautiful outcome, and would always use builtwithstone for our future plans at our home”.

Andrew and Carolyn Gordon


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Contact Us

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Stone Mason / Excavator Operator

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